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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’S

  • How long will my balloons last ?

    We will always ask what day/ time your function starts and how long you’d like the balloons to last. This allows us to recommend a suitable design.

    Our standard 28-30cm latex balloons float for approximately 12- 15 hours. We can also add a treatment to these to extend their life to approximately 2-3 days. Our foil and bubble balloons float for approximately one week, and our foil balloons can be refilled.

    We also have a range of air filled designs which can last even longer. 

  • If I already have balloons, will you fill them ?

    Yes we can, however please be aware that we can not guarantee the quality or float time of your balloons.

    There are balloons available that are not the same high quality of the brands that we stock, so there is a chance that they may not float for very long, or can pop on inflation. 

    If any balloons of yours do pop there is nothing we can do to replace it, and there will be no refunds on helium lost.

  • Do you deliver balloons ?

    Yes, delivery is available.  Prices vary depending on your location, the day of the week & time required.

    Please contact us with the suburb, function date & start time and access times to your venue, for an accurate quote and availability. 

  • Can I pickup my balloons from your store ?

    Most definitely!

    You can book your balloons instore or online and nominate a pick up time.

    Please visit for our address and opening hours.

  • Do you do balloon releases ?

    NO.  We will not sell balloons that are to be intentionally released into the atmosphere.

    As of  1st January 2022, balloon releases in Western Australia have been banned.  A person must not cause, or permit to release, a balloon that is inflated with helium that causes it to rise in the air. Where a helium-filled balloon is released into the air by a child, the supervising adult will be held responsible for the release.

    The penalty if caught for an individual is a fine of $5,000 for each offence, and for a body corporate, a fine of $10,000 for each offence.

    We are proud members of the Pro Environmental Balloon Alliance (PEBA).

    We promote the Pin It & Bin It Campaign.

    You can find more information here:

  • What quality are your balloons ?

    As industry professionals we only use the highest quality balloon products in the world (Qualatex, Sempertex & Anagram).

    We believe it’s important that our balloons last the full life of your party, look amazing and do what they are supposed to do. Their colours are 100% consistent through all batches, only around 1/1000 have faults that cause them to pop and we can therefore be confident that our customers will get exactly what they order.

    Sadly, in Australia there are many cheaper products available however they don’t stay consistent colours and shape and they don’t last.

    To us, it’s not worth the risk.


  • Do you sell party supplies and can I walk in and purchase ?

    Yes we sell party supplies but only on our website. 

    Our shop/showroom is only a balloon shop.

    All party supplies orders must be placed on our website in advance. 

    You will be contacted by email or sms when you can collect, usually next business day.


  • How long do you take to pack my party supplies order ?

    LOCAL PICKUP – we will send an email or SMS as soon as your order is ready, usually next business day.

    STANDARD POSTAGE – If your items are in stock, we will ship the same business day or as soon as possible. 

    Your item may take a little longer to arrive than usual which is beyond our control so we cannot guarantee postage times.  Australia Post is experiencing delays due to limited flights and increased parcel volumes since COVID19.

    If anything on your order happens to go out of stock before your order is packed we will advise you and then refund that item to your PayPal account.

    If you have any questions not covered here please call us on (08) 9414-9999 or email:

  • Do you have party equipment for hire ?

    Yes, we do.  

    To see what we have available, check out our party hire page.

    If you have any questions or require a quote on our party hire please send an email to

    Please include day, time and venue so we can provide more details.

    Local pickup is also available.

  • Can you deliver our balloons with our party hire ?

    Yes, most definitely.

    The advantage of shopping with us is that you can have everything delivered together.  We are your “One Stop Shop”.



    DO NOT INHALE/SUCK HELIUM! IT CAN CAUSE DEATH!!  The gas used to float balloons is called “Helium”. Helium itself is non-toxic and non-flammable and therefore quite harmless.  However, helium should not be inhaled.  The party trick of inhaling a balloon full of helium to change your voice is dangerous and must be discouraged at all times.  When you inhale/suck on a balloon with helium it displaces a persons supply of oxygen in the blood stream and may cause dizziness, unconsciousness and possibly death especially if you are asthmatic.

    DO NOT release foil balloons outdoors as they are constructed of electricity conductive material (foil) which can become entangled in electric lines causing power outages and damage.

    DISCARD broken, uninflated balloons as they can be a choking hazard to children.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.